About Me

Amanda Braden, Realtor

Growing up as the daughter of one of the most prominent real estate brokers in Southern Indiana, D.J. Hines, Amanda Braden was surprisingly slow to embrace real estate as a career option.  In fact, she was bound and determined to avoid the business!  But her father, being the salesmen, finally convinced her to give it a try.  Seems he knew she had the right stuff to be successful in the business.

Amanda certainly has the right stuff, and she's earned most of it the hard way.  Her life is a tribute to what can be accomplished when challenges are met head-on and one refuses to give up.  While it has not always been easy, Amanda feels blessed for having had the experience.  It taught her the importance of keeping family as the focal point in her life. In fact, her family is the very foundation of her success.

Always on the go, Amanda leads a very active life.  She feels a duty to serve others.  Amanda serves weekly packing "backpacks" of food with Blessings in a backpack.  She also served on the baord of directors with the Floyd County Blessings in a Backpack in 2019.

Upholding the highest standards of customer service to clients, while maintaining a caring and loving home life is not easy, striving for balance is often a challenge.  But challenges are nothing new to Amanda Braden, they keep her energized each day and passionate about the future. She has excelled in providing top notch customer servicein this industry!  In 2018 Amanda earned the Glen Green 1st in service award from Schuler Bauer. Amanda exemplifies service- to her clients and to her community!

Amanda has been in real estate sales for 19 years.  She obtained her real estate license and joined Schuler Bauer in 2001, entering the business as a part-time agent while working full time as a Employment Program Coordinator for the Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce.  Success came quickly as she achieved over 2.4 million in sales volume as a part-time agent.  Amanda decided to pursue real estate full-time in 2002, and has not looked back.  Consistently being in the top 5% of the Southern Indiana Realtors Association, Amanda has sold over $100,000,000 in real estate to date. 

Amanda is passionate about what she does and loves to help others achieve their dream of homeownership! 

"The Proven Name in Real Estate"